Proposal abstract

The project is focused on the increasing the level of knowledge and skills of activists of the political organization Ne davimo Beograd in order to better understand municipalist theory and practice and to implement municipalist actions in their local communities. In the second part of the project school participants will organize activities in the field. After the completion of the project, it is expected that the activists will be able to understand the municipal policy, to multiply it and to organize actions in order to create democratic, ecologically and socially sustainable local communities.

Who we are

Right to the City is an organization created with the aim of improving knowledge about green and municipal policies and their development through policy and strategic documents. In this project, we will collaborate with Ne davimo Beograd (a green-left municipalist political movement from Belgrade) with the aim of improving the knowledge of the members of this organization in order to better conceptualize green-left and municipalist responses to social and environmental changes. Until now, Right to the City has implemented activities that contributed to the organization of citizens, the creation of commons and the development of green-left policies.

What we want to do and how we will do it

The project consists of several connected phases. First phase: In agreement with the activists, the concept of the school of green municipalism will be developed. The school will be based on lectures that will provide a theoretical framework and workshops in order to acquire practical skills. In order for the organizers not to impose topics, the first step will be to organize a meeting where the advice of activists will be collected and topic of what they want to learn during school. Second phase: Lectures and workshops within the school of green municipalism will be held in February, March, April. A minimum of five lectures or workshops will be organized during the school. Lecture topics will be related to municipalist theory, democratization of society, social and environmental law. The workshops will be based on the experiences of defending public spaces, community organizing and democratic governance. As mentioned, the exact topics will be defined after consultation with the activists who will attend the school. Third phase: After finishing the school, the participants will have the opportunity to implement local actions and thus apply the acquired knowledge and skills, and at the same time make their neighborhood more ecologically and economically sustainable. At lest 5 local action will be organized during May and June. Fourth phase: After the implementation of all activities, a comprehensive evaluation will be done to determine what were the shortcomings of the process itself and what was good, in order to improve the school and to make it a permanent activity of the Right to the City organization.

How much money do we need and what for?

5 lectures x 200 euros gross = 1000 euros gross 5 space and refreshment for lectures x 150 euros = 750 euros 5 local actions x 100 euros = 500 euros 5 coordination x 120 euros = 600 euros TOTAL = 2850 euros

Why / How does it contribute to /reflects the municipalism principles

This project will influence that the municipalist narrative to become at least part of the narrative of the activist scene in Belgrade. The education of activists about municipalism and green-left policies will enable the multiplication of knowledge through the activities of local groups in which activists are active. By cooperating with the movement Ne davimo Beograd, the visibility of municipalist topics will be increased in the public and media.