Social solidarity economy and municipalism: debates from an antiracist perspective

Proposal abstract

The municipal commitment has been strong in Barcelona, a territory in which the Social
and Solidarity Economy movement and cooperativism have emerged strongly in recent
years from an anti-racist perspective. This path has been opened by migrants and racialized
people tired of an exclusive economy and institutional racism that has normalized not
taking their voices into account while building an inclusive public policy. Our proposal,
between “Migress Association ” and “La raíz Cooperative” aims to raise the voice of this
movement by generating a debate day that allows creating municipalist proposals from a
decolonial angle, focused on two urgent problems: racism in housing access and the climate
change impact on migratory movements. Additional to debates, we will work to strengthen
exchange and network collaboration between projects and people committed to social

Who we are

This is a collective proposal by La Raíz and MigrEss. La Raíz is a cooperative located in Poblesec, Barcelona. It's dedicated to cultural affairs and promotion of social projects related to Social and Solidarity Economy (nowadays La Raíz is a social bar and a brand new online radio). On the other hand, Migration and Social and Solidarity Economy, MigrESS is an association (soon a cooperative) that promotes anti-racism's values ​​and the participation of migrants in the ESS in Catalonia, making their economic initiatives visible and increasing their participation in an intercultural social network. Together propose this day of debates around Migration and anti-racism to do in the district (municipality) of Sants-Montjuic in Catalonia.

What we want to do and how we will do it

Day of debates, firstly to reflect on the problems faced by migrants and racialized people in today's world and the importance of strengthening participatory processes to transform existing institutional structures and secondly to promote anti-racist culture in the city of Barcelona through an art contest. Open call to present an anti-racist artwork, the winner will receive 300 euros and will be exhibited with the rest of the works participating. The opening of the exhibition will be part of the day of debates. During the morning: First Debate: Racism in the access to housing in a gentrified city like Barcelona Put in the center of the debate the violation of rights and inequalities faced by migrants and racialized people in access to housing. Challenges and proposals for alternative housing models of a collective nature within the Social and Solidarity Economy, among others. Coffee break Second Debate: Environmental racism, migration and climate change. Forum to discuss and make visible the close relationship that exists between migration, the climate crisis and the impact on racialized bodies; the displacement, alienation and persecution of communities that defend the territories from extraction of natural resources and colonial practices and how this represents a challenge for organizations and individuals committed to social transformation. Lunch Time During the afternoon: The day of debates will be closed with a final activity to work on the articulation of the people and entities participating. Make visible the importance of generating participatives strategies that allow combating, denouncing, and responding to the inequalities and problems identified during the day through a dynamic participants would be able to identify synergies and ways to collaborate and inter-cooperate among them that allow strengthening the various organizational processes. Award ceremony of the itinerant and anti-racist art contest, opening of the exhibition and closing with live music.

How much money do we need and what for?

Speakers 320 EUROS Transport 130 EUROS Contest’s award 300 EUROS COFFE BREAK 200 EUROS Lunch 200 EUROS Advartising and posters 100 EUROS Advartising on Social Media 100 EUROS Musicians 200 EUROS Sound System rent 100 EUROS Exhibition’s montage materials 200 EUROS EXTRAS 150 EUROS Organization payment 1000 EUROS TOTAL 3000

Why / How does it contribute to /reflects the municipalism principles

Municipalism has the power and responsibility to build public policies committed to transformation and social justice. Therefore, working on the issues we propose from a decolonial perspective and listening to the groups on which it directly impacts is necessary and must be at the center of municipalist principles. Racism is one of the main problems in access to housing in a gentrified city like Barcelona, where the government model is municipalism. The climate crisis that affects the entire planet does not impact everyone equally and according to the international organization for migration IOM, it generates a new type of migrants: climate migrants. Is our city model actively thinking about the impact that these issues generate on its policies and citizens? Our bet in this project is to face them through our voices as groups of migrants and racialized people to build proposals that can reach our model of government.